What is Early Childhood Development (ECD)?

Early Childhood Development programs are those programs that are designed to meet the developmental needs of children from birth to age 6 years.


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Parent Survey: Share your Child's or Children's Experiences on the Rights Contained in the Children's Charter

On May 12, 2016, the Tri-Cities Children's Accord was re-affirmed in front of over 180 people at the 7th Annual Tri-Cities Champions for Young Children Awards of Excellence Event. The signing parties, known collectively as the Early and Middle Childhood Public Partners, recognizes the importance of supporting early and middle childhood development in the Tri- Cities. Contained in the Tri-Cities Children’s Accord is the Tri-Cities Children’s Charter of Rights which outlines the 12 Rights that children ages 3-12 have identified as important for supporting their healthy development.

To assist the Early and Middle Childhood Public Partners, Tri-Cities Early Childhood Development Committee and Tri-Cities Middle Childhood Matters Committee in our on-going efforts to make Tri-Cities a great place for children and families, we want to hear from you. By sharing your opinions through this survey, you are helping us to prioritize our efforts.

In answering the survey questions, think about your child’s/children’s experiences of growing up in the Tri-Cities.


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