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My Neighbourhood, My Future Tri-Cities

My Neighbourhood, My Future is a five-year, place-based early childhood initiative. At its heart it is a social-change strategy, focused on leveraging the strengths and reducing the early childhood vulnerabilities within specific neighbourhoods. Our desired change – reduced vulnerability - will be accomplished by moving beyond traditional programs and services to include a significant focus on citizen engagement and change management theory.

My Neighbourhood, My Future is evidence-based in its design and implementation, building on learning from many jurisdictions across the globe. There are two sites that have been identified for MNMF.

Key thoughts:

  • Our change strategy is grounded in evidence while also responding to local opportunity and need – it builds on a decade's worth of Early Years Community Development work in the province of BC.
  • Our change strategy places the 'right to voice' at the heart of our research and collective action. The rights of individuals – particularly our youngest children.
  • Our change strategy leverages intentional partnership and strategic collaboration that spans all sectors and stakeholder groups --‐ as change of this magnitude will never be accomplished in isolation.

Please visit United Way of the Lower Mainland to find out more about My Neighbourhood, My Future.

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The first phase is about building on local assets and capacities and hearing froom the community's young families, parents, caregivers and residents.

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